Aleratec’s 10-Point Checklist for Factory Certified Refurbished Products

by Perry Solomon

Aleratec offers factory certified refurbished product at a significant savings over retail prices; however, some customers hesitate when they see the word “refurbished.” For those of you in the outletstorereluctant camp, we want you to fully understand the rigorous process products must go through to attain our factory certified stamp.

Why Do We Call It Refurbished?

The word refurbished implies that a product was damaged or defective, taken apart and rebuilt like Frankenstein, but the truth is, that situation is rarely the case. Many of our “refurbished” products were never actually used, but rather returned because a customer purchased the wrong model or one of our authorized resellers is clearing out inventory for next year’s models. No matter what the Read more ›

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Hard Disk Drive Crash? All May Not be Lost

by Perry Solomon

It’s a sinking feeling–that moment you realize that a hard disk drive failure has resulted in the loss of critical data. System or mechanical failure, a sudden power surge or physical damage such as water or moisture can all lead to hard disk drive failure and costly computer downtime.

Warning Signs

Signs that your computer may be headed for a crash include strange clicking or grinding sounds, files that mysteriously disappear, frequent crashing during the boot-up process, slow processing of even small files, or your computer is running unusually hot. If your computer shows any of these symptoms, back up your data immediately. If a failure occurs before you can back up your files, all may not be lost. Consider hiring a professional data recovery service.

flashback_logoAleratec’s Partnership with Flashback Data Recovery Services

Choosing the right data recovery service can be difficult because the cost can vary from affordable to very expensive depending on the size and type of the storage media and how bad the damage is. To help cut down on the Read more ›

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How the Right Software Interface Can Make Cloning Flash Drives Easier

by Perry Solomon

Mass duplication of USB flash drives is not for the faint of heart. While USB duplicators can greatly reduce the time it takes to clone hundreds of flash drives, not all cloning jobs are the same. For example, what if you want to update files already on the drives or clone bootable flash drives?

Aleratec’s USB Duplication Software Suite

All Aleratec computer-connected USB flash drive duplicators include our proprietary Software Suite, an intuitive, PC-based user interface that gives you a wide range of options for collecting, formatting and copying data onto multiple flash drives. You can copy files and folders from your hard drive or flash drive and create and clone image files of existing flash drives. You can also choose to Copy Only, Format Only, or Format and Copy. When formatting your flash drives, you have the option to format in FAT, FAT32 or NTFS, and the software displays the status of each copy and number of copies completed.

Aleratec’s Software Suite offers duplication options such as Data Copy Only, Format Only,and  Format and Copy.

Aleratec’s Software Suite offers duplication options such as Data Copy Only, Format Only,and Format and Copy.

This kind of flexibility provides practical solutions, particularly in the field. For example, you load 10 spec sheets onto 200 flash drives for distribution to the sales team but Read more ›

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Celebrating 15 Years in Digital Media Management

Aleratec 15th anniversary logoby Perry Solomon

Think back to the year 2000. Y2K fears were put to rest. Microsoft officially launched Windows 2000, and Sony released the PlayStation 2. Something also happened that year that may not have made headlines but was important to a small group of optical disc experts based in Southern California. Aleratec was born.

Back then, professional optical recording and storage technology was not widely accessible. Duplicating hundreds or thousands of Compact Discs could be a pricey and time-consuming proposition. Aleratec founders set out to change that by creating a fast, fully automatic, standalone CD duplicator at a price that smaller Read more ›

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