How Do Non-Scratch SATA (NSS) Connectors Protect Hard Disk Drives?


The 1:11 HDD Copy Cruiser Duplicator is one of many hard disk drive duplicators from Aleratec that uses Non-scratch SATA connectors.

by Perry Solomon

There are many factors, both external and internal, that can cause a hard disk drive to fail. The most notorious, of course, is a head crash, but there are other hidden threats to the hard-working hard drive. After all, hard disk drives are mechanical devices with many moving parts, and like any mechanical device, some parts can become damaged and eventually stop working.

An Ounce of Prevention

Aleratec makes some of the world’s best hard disk drive duplicators, and we’ve learned a thing or two on how to protect hard disk drives during the duplication process. One very important preventive measure is the Non-Scratch SATA (NSS) connectors included on our most popular HDD Duplicators. To the laymen, a SATA connector may seem insignificant; however, a scratched hard disk drive connector will send chills down the spine of an IT professional who knows what can happen when Read more ›

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Many Lessons Learned from Educators at ISTE

by Perry Solomon

ISTE logoHaving returned from our first time exhibiting at the International Society for Technology in Education conference, or ISTE, Aleratec did what most exhibitors do after a big trade show. We held a meeting. The discussion, however, was not a typical post-show recap of what we as a company gained from exhibiting.  Rather, it was a free flow discussion of what we as a company learned from attending ISTE 2014 and from the many educators who stopped by the Aleratec booth to view our new Portable Device Management (PDM) products for tablet deployment in classrooms.

Lesson 1: Educators at ISTE Are Open, Enthusiastic and Willing to Share Ideas

Not quite knowing what to expect as a first time exhibitor, we were immediately impressed by the attendance of around 16,000, and many administrators, educators and IT managers stopped by the booth. Being surrounded by so many enthusiastic leaders in education was inspirational to our team as almost every visitor had an idea or input to share with us about charging, syncing and managing tablets.

Lesson 2: ISTE Educators Are Skilled Networkers

Networking, via social media and person-to-person, was a powerful force on the ISTE tradeshow floor. Educators go to ISTE to learn and spread the word about best practices, new technologies or any product or service that can improve the K-12 learning process. While social and traditional networking permeates every industry, educators take tweeting, posting and meeting to a new level, and we were pleased by the visitors who tweeted and posted about Aleratec PDM.

Lesson 3: Educators at ISTE Engage in New Technology

One could feel the level of excitement from attendees curious about the newest technologies for the classroom. From the latest tablets and laptops, to new teaching software, educators are embracing new technologies and products designed to enhance teaching and learning.

Lesson 4: ISTE Educators are Resourceful When They Have to Be

From makeshift plastic tubs with power strips glued inside, to home-made charging hubs held together with tape, we heard amusing tales of how resourceful educators have to be when it comes to keeping tablets charged, synced and secure. When visitors to our booth saw how the Aleratec Charge and Guard Secure Charge/Sync Cabinet 16, Charge and Sync Station 16, and the Charge and Sync Station Mini 10 could put an end to these makeshift contraptions, there were visible expressions of relief. Hint: Stay tuned for a “Photo Contest” on this very subject from Aleratec soon!

PDM family shot

Final Lesson: ISTE 2015

ISTE 2014 was a great success for Aleratec Portable Device Management, and we immediately signed up for twice the booth space for Philadelphia next year. We look forward to an even better show, meeting new people and re-connecting with all the educators we met who prove once and for all that people who do things the best—teach!

See you in Philly!

This blog was written and posted by Perry Solomon, President & CEO of Aleratec, Inc.





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Tips for Better Document Destruction

Part 2: Shredding More Than Paper 

By Perry Solomon

Most offices and many households today understand the importance of shredding bank statements, credit card offers, tax returns and other sensitive documents. After all, meticulous attention to document destruction is vital given the troubling statistics on identify theft and fraud. In fact, the 2014 Identity Fraud Study released by Javelin Strategy & Research, a leading firm that tracks identity fraud trends, reports an increase of more than 500,000 fraud victims to 13.1 million people in 2013 from the previous year. Even more alarming is that crooks are increasingly using e-commerce sites such Amazon or eBay to make purchases with stolen information, and in 2013, one in three people in the United States received notification of a data breach.

Aleratec XC-2 Shredder

Multimedia shredders such as Aleratec’s XC-2 can shred paper, CDs, DVDs and even credit cards.

Today’s identity thieves are sneaky. They’ll sift through your trash and even pay people to raid large trash bins in search of any scraps of paper containing information that can be used to access bank and other confidential accounts. If you think it’s only paper documents they’re after, think again. Fraudsters will Read more ›

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Aleratec Portable Device Management (PDM) Heads to the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Conference

ISTE logoBy Perry Solomon

Aleratec is proud to be a first-time exhibitor at the 2014 ISTE show being held in Atlanta at the end of this month. ISTE brings educators from around the world together to share ideas and find solutions to the challenges of the 21st century classroom, which is why we chose ISTE to debut our new line of Portable Device Management products for the education market.

Simple and Secure Tablet Deployment

The growth of ISTE over the last decade spells out an undeniable fact—education is experiencing a digital renaissance. Tablets and other portable devices are supplementing traditional teaching methods and materials, and like the carousel slide projector and chalky blackboard, printed text books may Read more ›

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