Benefits of Using Optical Discs to Store and Distribute Files

by Perry Solomon

Optical discs, such as CDs and DVDs, offer a reliable way to store and distribute files, photos, videos, as well as confidential data. For organizations with storage capacity needs in the terabyte or petabyte range, cloud storage makes sense as large files can be accessed with very little maintenance. However, there are inherent risks of entrusting files to a remote spot somewhere in the world, and many companies find that CDs and DVDs still offer key benefits for archiving and distributing files.

File Accessibility  

While internet outages are less common today, Murphy’s Law dictates that the one time you need to call up the most important file of your career, the internet will be down. With optical discs, important files can be accessed regardless of an internet connection.

File Security

Files saved on write-once DVDs or CDs cannot be Read more ›

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Snake Cables: A Better Way to Charge/Sync Tablets and Other USB Devices

by Perry SolomonPowerPoint Presentation

Snake cables are common devices in professional audio because musicians and recording artists figured out a long time ago that bundling several cables in a single outer casing makes managing equipment a lot easier. Considering the fact that more companies, schools and organizations are deploying multiple tablets and other USB-charged devices to employees and students, Aleratec wondered why no one had devised a snake cable for charging and syncing these devices as well. Charging and syncing a few tablets is fairly straightforward. Charging and syncing 10, 20 or more electronic devices at a time is a different story. To reduce the confusion that often comes with charging and syncing multiple tablets, smartphones and other portable devices, Aleratec is introducing snake cables to our Portable Device Management (PDM) product line.


Aleratec Snake Cables – Lightning to USB made for iphone

If you regularly deploy numerous iPads or other Lightning-charged devices, Aleratec’s Lightning to USB snake cables allow you to connect four or five devices to a USB charging station with one cable. For example, you need Read more ›

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Aleratec CES Sneak Peek: Discover What’s New at Booth 35171 in South Hall 4

Printby Perry Solomon

It’s that time of year again. The holidays wind down and companies across the globe gear up for the Consumer Electronics Show where more than 3500 exhibitors and 150,000 attendees will land in Las Vegas to unveil new products on an exhibit floor that spans more than 37 football fields.  Aleratec will be in the South Hall 4 this year, showcasing our latest digital duplication, sanitization and charge/sync technologies. While we don’t want to give too much away, here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll discover at Booth 35171.




HDD Duplication and Sanitization and USB Flash Drive Duplicators: Legacy and New

Aleratec is known worldwide for our line of standalone hard disk drive duplicators, and we continue to push the boundaries of what is possible. Come see new product innovations in hard disk drive duplication and sanitization, including our new line of Copy Cruiser IDE/SATA High-Speed duplicators with logging capability and portable HDD duplicator/docking station with sanitization.  We’re also showcasing new USB duplicators that make quick and perfect copies of USB flash drives, from a few to many.

Easier, More Efficient Tablet Deployment

At CES this year, you’ll also see our growing line of Portable Device Management (PDM) products for schools and businesses. Our PDM products make charging and synchronizing multiple tablets and other devices fast and efficient and can help any organizations trying manage numerous devices at a time.

So stop by booth 35171 in South Hall 4 and discover how Aleratec products and technologies can take your business to new levels of efficiency.  See you at the show!

This blog was written and posted by Perry Solomon, President & CEO of Aleratec, Inc.


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When Is It Important to Keep Records of HDD Duplication and Sanitization Efforts?

by Perry Solomon

Deploying, recommissioning, decommissioning or otherwise managing hard disk drives is an integral part of efficient IT management but the task is not always an easy one. For instance, when computers and laptops are rolled out on a massive scale, tracking which drives have been cloned and which drives are still blank can be challenging. In addition, sanitization as a precursor to recommissioning or decommissioning drives may require an audit trail in heavily regulated industries such as the financial sector, healthcare and government agencies where regulations and penalties for non-compliance can be strict.

An audit trail is a time-stamped record of activities that occur either electronically or on paper, and whether you’re in for a surprise or scheduled audit,producing accurate records of the sanitization process executed, the drive model name, and the drive’s serial number can be the difference between peace of mind and pandemonium.

Since the 1990s, industries have faced new regulations that include accountability for disposing of confidential information properly:

  • Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA)
  • Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA)
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SBA)

To help simplify tracking, hard disk drive duplicators with logging capability allow managers to automatically track drives by serial number and

Aleratec 1:24 HDD Copy Cruiser IDE/SATA High-Speed WL

Aleratec 1:24 HDD Copy Cruiser IDE/SATA High-Speed with Logging

process, which can prevent a blank hard drive from being deployed or worse, an un-sanitized hard drive from being deployed, reused or discarded.

Aleratec HDD Duplicators with Logging

Aleratec offers six new hard disk drive duplicators for IDE/SATA and SSD drives with real-time logging to clone up to 24 or sanitize up to 25 drives. Progress monitoring and logging let you view and print records of the sanitization methods used, model names, serial numbers of drives, speed and capacity. The new models include:

1:24 HDD Copy Cruiser IDE/SATA High-Speed WL

1:16 HDD Copy Cruiser IDE/SATA High-Speed WL

1:11 HDD Copy Cruiser IDE/SATA High-Speed WL

1:5 HDD Copy Cruiser IDE/SATA High-Speed WL

1:11 HDD Copy Cruiser High-Speed WL

1:5 HDD Copy Cruiser High-Speed WL

This blog was written and posted by Perry Solomon, President & CEO of Aleratec, Inc.

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