HDD Duplicators Great and Small: Introducing the Compact and Powerful 1:5 HDD Copy Dock Advanced

Followers of the Aleratec blog know that I often reflect on technology and how much it changes day to day and year to year. It’s the “nature” of tech products to evolve quickly and adapt to new environments with smaller, more powerful components than predecessors of the past, and this fact is not lost in the world of hard disk drive duplicators and sanitizers. Building smaller, more robust machines is part of the landscape, and our new 1:5 HDD Copy Dock Advanced stand-alone HDD duplicator is the next step in the evolutionary chain.

hdd copy dock advanced duplicatorPowerful and portable, the 1:5 HDD Copy Dock Advanced supports 2.5” and 3.5″ SATA HDDs and SSDs and can clone five hard disk drive simultaneously without the need of a computer. However, what makes this product truly unique is that it includes full-sized duplicating and sanitization functions once possible only in larger duplicators—no easy task considering the size of this petite little powerhouse.

Towering Features with a Small Footprint

Measuring only 8.8″ x 13″ x 5.3″, the 1:5 HDD Copy Dock Advanced is remarkably versatile for its size. Not only does Read more ›

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Reminiscing about My 15 Minutes of Fame and How the “Mobile Office” Has Changed

Back in the early 1990s, I had the opportunity to be part of a CBS News – 48 Hours segment and predicted, “The office of the future will have four wheels, not four walls.” Now, the “office” can fit in the palm of your hand.

It was 1990 when our office received a call one morning from a producer of the CBS News program 48 Hours. In those days, 48 Hours was a news magazine, not a murder mystery program, so being featured on the show had a very different meaning. The crew had just completed a shoot for an episode entitled Fast Times, which focused on the increasingly fast pace of life at the time, when they came across a 48hrsnewspaper article on my mobile office and thought it would be a good segment to add. They spent an entire day following me and my hectic, on-the-go work life. It was a wild experience, and the integrity of their reporting was most impressive. Nothing was staged. If they missed a shot, there were no “do-overs” as everything had to be 100% authentic.

These were the days just after the introduction of the Motorola MicroTAC flip phone, and my new car was fully outfitted as a mobile office complete Read more ›

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Empowering Customers through YouTube

by Perry Solomon

Like any social media outlet, YouTube can be an indispensable communication tool for companies, and most marketing gurus will tell you it’s a savvy way to promote a brand. We launched our YouTube channel almost 10 years ago, and although the goal was (and still is) to promote the Aleratec brand, we decided to approach it in a different way—to create a channel that empowers end users with videos that help make their jobs easier.

42 Tip & Tricks, 35 Product Tours (and Counting)

Visit the Aleratec YouTube channel and you won’t see an excessive amount of company-promotions, reviews or box-openings. Instead, our YouTube channel focuses on Read more ›

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Aleratec’s 10-Point Checklist for Factory Certified Refurbished Products

by Perry Solomon

Aleratec offers factory certified refurbished product at a significant savings over retail prices; however, some customers hesitate when they see the word “refurbished.” For those of you in the outletstorereluctant camp, we want you to fully understand the rigorous process products must go through to attain our factory certified stamp.

Why Do We Call It Refurbished?

The word refurbished implies that a product was damaged or defective, taken apart and rebuilt like Frankenstein, but the truth is, that situation is rarely the case. Many of our “refurbished” products were never actually used, but rather returned because a customer purchased the wrong model or one of our authorized resellers is clearing out inventory for next year’s models. No matter what the Read more ›

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